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I'm Cat Parnell, a Hair and Make-up Artist. I am incredibly passionate about the fashion and beauty industry, i love everything about it and i adore how styling, make up and hair can transform a person, not just physically but emotionally.

I am so driven to succeed in the industry, and i'll do whatever it takes! Everyone knows how hard it is to succeed in the industry but i like a challenge!

This blog basically represents my life as a hair and make-up artist, sharing my thoughts and ideas about fashion and also a glimpse of some of my work!

Have fun reading and thanks for stopping by!
Cat x
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I am just in awe with this series of images create by Caitlin Worthington from Perth.

There is such a innocent femininity in these images but also a hint of a sinister influence also. The make up itself is just..well I think it’s stunning. I love the line above the brows, it adds more drama and originality to the look, rather than being an unoriginal blend of colours around the eyes which lets face it we see a lot! It reminds me a lot of something vivienne westwood would do or galliano (obviously a toned down Galliano!)

The styling too is gorg. All round such a great series of images. Will deffo be taking some inspiration from them! :)





photography: Caitlin Worthington

model: alison caldwell.

beauty: constance bowles.

styling: hannah mcgrath.

Hello you beautiful’s a little beauty tip to start 2012! Massaging your face in circular motions actually promotes ageing of the skin..its moves excess fluid and stretches the skin, and we don’t want that! This coming year, make sure to clean and cleanse your skin using horizontal or vertical movements, massaging in lines, which is how collagen is constructed which can lift and tone the face! A great skin care and beauty routine will be your best kept secret to looking great in 2012!
Stay beautiful xx

CONCEAL ALERT!! New favourite high st product I’m using at the moment. Revlon Photo Ready one! You won’t regret it :)

CONCEAL ALERT!! New favourite high st product I’m using at the moment. Revlon Photo Ready one! You won’t regret it :)

Kate Moss as Ziggy Stardust..amazing!!

Kate Moss as Ziggy Stardust..amazing!!

Model: Leela Tikadar

Photographer and Retoucher: Marina Dean- Francis / MDF rectouching

Hair and Make up Artist: Cat Parnell

She is a thing of beauty. Great work.

She is a thing of beauty. Great work.

Thanks Pablo Picasso, so perfectly put. I’ve been really panicing recently..I mean..I’m finished with uni, I’m MEANT to be a real person now, right? RIGHT! I’ve been frantically trying to network and make contacts with influencial people in the fashion industry, just trying to gain some experience. I’ve realised that you know what, everyones been here..and a lot of people have been so helpful and kind. The fashion industry is, of course, a cut-throat and competative one, but hey success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it!!

I’ve been e-mailing and calling people 24/7 and am now planning my move to the big smoke..and I gotta say, I can’t wait to get stuck in and work with some inspiring artists and creatives. I’m pretty sure this path i’m going to take is going to be a long and hard and tiring one, but it’s all in the name of fashion eh and I think that’s a pretty damn good cause ;)

It’s all about gaining experience now..and truly developing as an artist and perfecting my identity as an artist, and I can’t wait to explore that and share it with whoever cares for my art!

Watch this space guys and girls <3 xx



Unfortunately, it took me 6years to see these images seeing as they were first published in 2005…but isnt the make up amazing? I love the accentuation of just one main feature, be it the eye make up or the mouth and everything else is pretty simple, I think it’s just great.

Magazine: La Vie En Rose, Winter 2005-06

Title: Masqué

Model: Sophie Vlaming

Make up: Piet Dröge

Styling: Barbara Vollberg

New fav accessory ever! Hand me my moustache! Topshop never ceases to make me happy&#8230;

New fav accessory ever! Hand me my moustache! Topshop never ceases to make me happy…

Is photoshop going too far? This is what i’ve been researching these past couple of weeks. I’m doing a project on the dangerous and unhealthy effect that post-production programs such as Photoshop have on our perception and ideals of what is percieved as beautiful and infact “normal”.

We are bombarded with extensively retouched photos of models and celebrities all around us, and it is playing havoc with our minds! We all sorttt of know it’s not all real, but to what extent. I feel like working in the business i’m in as a hair and make up artist, i’m actually pretty lucky as i get to see models and actors a like for what they really are, naturally, and apply make up and do their hair to make them look like they do in those magazines and adverts. But i suppose everyone doesn’t get that helpful insight that i’ve had so i guess this is for all of you really! I’ve always been a self-concious person and I suppose the media and fashion industry is maybe partly to blame for that, but only because I let it effect me. Recently, since being able to see that we are all different and everyone wants what they can’t have, when will we ever be happy? Working with people, I am able to see just how beautiful, unique and different everyone is, whether it be their skin tone, colour or type, to their features and characteristics that are on their face. It’s just such a shame that a lot of people nowadays wants to change their features to essentially “fit in”, when we should be celebrating originality not destroying it.

I used to spend time on photoshop editing away the bump on my nose which now, i’ve grown to love as it’s part of my heritage and where I come from. We shouldn’t be dwelling on what’s wrong with ourselves but infact looking at the natural beauty we do all have, and should try and show more.

What we all need to understand is, essentially a lot of these images shown to us are a sham, and we need to distinguish between reality and idealism.. Even the models who are beautiful and thin naturally have their bodies altered, so where is the humanity really?! We should all learn to be happy in our own skin and we are all beautiful..(to quote christina aguilera!)

Cat x